Vios Gen2 Modified Compilation Part 1

Vios Gen2 Modified Compilation Part 1

Vios Gen2 Modified Compilation by Galeri Kereta – According to Toyota, the car is based on a ‘luxury-sport’ design for both the exterior and interior. The exterior has been enlarged, keeping the same width as the outgoing model. The interior is also made to be even more spacious than before, however its speedometer position is no longer mounted on the centre of the dashboard as with the earlier models of the Vios.

Here are the compilation of Toyota Vios Generation 2 Modified for you.

Awesome Vios cream color. More photos HERE

Galeri Kereta Vios Cream Modified 6

Rocket Bunny Vios. More Photos HERE

Galeri Kereta Vios Rocket Bunny 5

Smart Vios with 2 tone Colour Rims. More photos HERE

The model code for cars with 1.5 litre 1NZ-FE engines is NCP93 and is only available where the Vios is marketed, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Thailand. As was the first generation Vios, the second generation Vios is assembled at Thailand’s Toyota Gateway Plant and also at the Philippines Santa Rosa, Laguna Plant.(WIKI)

Galeri Kereta Vios Modified 4

Stylo Vios Stance. More photos HERE

Galeri Kereta Vios Generation 2 Modified 1

The Yurie Vios. More photos HERE

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Galeri Kereta Vios Gen2 Modified 6