Perodua Kenari Modified Compilation

Perodua Kenari Modified. The Perodua Kenari is a small four-seat compact car or supermini car produced by Malaysian automotive company Perodua.

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  • Engine =989 cc EJ-DE DOHC I3
  • Max power=54.31 hp/5200 r/min
  • Max torque=88.00Nm./3200 r/min
  • Top speed=155 km/H
  • 0-60 MPH(0–96 km/H)=12.3 S
  • 0–100 km/H=12.5 s
  • Fuel efficiency=4.8l/100 km (constant 80 km/H driving)

Kenari Modified 1 Kenari Modified 3

The Kenari is based on the first and second generation Daihatsu Move kei car (minicar) but is powered by a 850 cc and 1.0 cc DOHC engine. In 2004, the Perodua Kenari was given a new fascia with flush headlights.

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The sale of the Kenari has been discontinued in 2009. The name Kenari is a Malaysian name for canary. (WIKI)

Kenari Modified 7 Kenari Modified Kenari Modified perodua kenari modified

perodua kenari modified

perodua kenari modified Perodua Kenari Modified