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Black Lowered Saga LMST. The Proton Saga is a series of compact and subcompact cars produced by Malaysian automobile manufacturer Proton since July 1985. The Saga is Proton’s flagship model in terms of sales volume, and remains the longest running Proton nameplate to date..

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The first generation Proton Saga produced between 1985 and 2008 was the first car to be produced by Proton. It was based on the 1983 Mitsubishi Lancer Fiore sedan as a result of a joint venture between the Malaysian government and Mitsubishi Motors of Japan.

galeri-kereta-black lowered saga lmst modified-1 galeri-kereta-black-lowered-saga-lmst-modified-2

Proton Saga BLM FLX Compilation Photos HERE

It was available in 4-door saloon and 5-door hatchback guises. The second generation Proton Saga is a 4-door subcompact sedan which launched on 18 January 2008. It is based on a stretched Proton Savvy platform and was developed in-house by Proton with technical support from Lotus Cars and LG CNS.

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