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Austin Mini Cooper Blue Modified

Austin Mini aka The Mark II Mini was launched at the 1967 British Motor Show, and featured a redesigned grille, a larger rear window and numerous cosmetic changes. A total of 429,000 Mk II Minis were produced. One of it belong to this owner with his Austin Mini Cooper Blue Colour.

austin mini cooper blue

A variety of Mini types were made in Pamplona, Spain, by the Authi company from 1968 onwards, mostly under the Morris name. In 1969, a fibreglass version of the Mini Mark II was developed for British Leyland’s Chilean subsidiary (British Leyland Automotores de Chile, S.A., originally the independent assembler EMSSA).

austin mini cooper

The bodyshell mould was created by the Peel Engineering Company. Production begin in 1970 and continued for a few years; these fibreglass Minis can be recognized by the missing body seams and by larger panel gaps. The Chilean market was never very large and the hyperinflation and political and social collapse led to the 1973 coup The Arica plant was closed in 1974.

austin mini cooper

The reason for the fibreglass body was to enable Leyland to meet very strict requirements for local sourcing, increasing to 70.22% in 1971.


More Pictures of this Austin Mini Cooper.

austin mini cooper austin mini cooper austin mini cooper austin mini cooper austin mini cooper

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