SoundRacer Review Info

SoundRacer Review Info


Soundracer review by Soundracer Malaysia. Enjoy the sound sensation of driving a sports car in your own standard car! SoundRacer is a car FM transmitter device that transmits sports car engine sound to your standard car through your car stereo system.

soundracerSoundRacer was invented by Kenneth Palmestål in Sweden using unique and advanced technology that synchronizes the sports car sound with your standard car engine rpm from idling, through acceleration and gear changes to deceleration. Never before has it been so easy and affordable to make a car feel as a muscle or sports car.

soundracer device

Set up in a minute, easy as 1-2-3 and then you are ready to enjoy the fun and excitement of hearing the impressive engine sounds of a famous sports car.

1. Plug in the SoundRacer in the car 12V cigarette lighter socket.

2. Find a free FM frequency on the car stereo and set the SoundRacer to the same frequency. You can also connect to the radio AUX input.

3. Start the engine and make a short rev to about 3000 rpm and down. Three beeps will indicate that SoundRacer has been synchronized with the car engine rpm.

Now you are ready to go!

SoundRacer is available in 4 different type of sports car engine sound:

1. SoundRacer V8 Shelby Mustang
2. SoundRacer V10 Lamborghini Gallardo
3. SoundRacer V12 Ferrari 512
4. SoundRacer V10J Lexus LFA

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Video SoundRacer V8 Shelby Mustang

Video SoundRacer V10 Lamborghini Gallardo 

Video SoundRacer V12 Ferrari 512 Awesome

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